Good Things Are Happening!

What a great way to end one year and start another! For several of our congregation, the very last thing we did in 2011 was spend time in fellowship with our believers in our church annex.  We had food and games for about 5 hours until 2012 came in at midnight.  Then the first thing we did in 2012 was get up and come together for Bible classes and our worship to our God.

We had several visitors with us on Sunday, some from our community who have never worshiped with us before.  Thank you to those of you who made a special effort to go out of your way to make these folks feel welcome with us.  Keep practicing this kind of welcoming spirit!  When we do this, those who visit us are impacted and we have further opportunities to share with them the love of Christ and the great message of salvation.

This coming Sunday is a big day for us!  Please make every effort to be here on Sunday morning for Bible Class and Worship.  At our 10:00 a.m. worship we will be featuring opportunities for you to put your faith and devotion into action.  Each one of our deacons will be speaking this Sunday morning.  They will be talking about the different ministries of our congregation.  Along with this they will highlight the different opportunities that are available for us to serve in those ministries.  After our deacons highlight these opportunities, they will be making themselves available to meet individually with our members.  At this time, you can visit with a ministry leader who has highlighted an area of service in which you’re interested or with which you’ve been impressed by a need that’s been presented.

These ministries are services that build up and help develop christians.  They also help put us in touch with our community and give us an opportunity to glorify God with our service.  Remember that in order for these ministries to work, we have got to be committed to them.  If we are not, they will never accomplish the good we desperately want to see from them.

Please pray for our deacons as they prepare to make these presentations on Sunday.  Please pray for the Elders, who as shepherds and overseers are plotting the direction of our service.  Please pray for yourself as you consider how you can best glorify God in service to our Lord and his church, your families, and our communities.

I look forward to seeing you on this very special day!