“How Can I Get The Most From Bible School?”

Our Bible School is a great resource!  We have wonderful teachers who prepare every week (sometimes for two classes a week) to help us get closer to the Bible and understand what it’s message means for our lives.  How do we make the most of this resource?

Be There:  Make our Bible School a priority.  One can’t get the benefit from a group Bible study if he or she isn’t there.  It’s important to be in class consistently.  Going one week and then missing the next week keeps a person from getting the entire context of everything that’s being studied.  If you’re there on a regular basis, you have a good idea of what the study is about from beginning to end.  You won’t have to ask questions about what you’ve missed.

Be On Time: We get more out of Bible classes when we understand the context of the discussion. If you are there from start to finish, you have fewer items to catch up on.  You also won’t be a interrupt the flow of the class and be a distraction to other class members.

Get Ready: If the Bible teacher gives the class the text or topic for discussion the following week, why not give it some attention? Thinking ahead and maybe even doing a little research gets us ready to contribute to in a classroom setting. It’s not only a benefit for you, but everyone else who participates benefits from your preparation.

Start Talking: When a teacher asks for input, you have an opportunity to interact. People who take an active part in Bible classes gain so much more than those who just sit and listen. When many people participate in a class, we can be presented with facts or thoughts about the text the class may not have otherwise considered.  The Proverbalist says Iron sharpens iron, So one man sharpens another (Prov. 27.17). We gain not only from our own  personal study of the Bible, but from the insights of other Christians as well. We all approach the Bible in different seasons of life and at different levels of maturity. We have so much to gain from one another as we study the Bible together.

Share: Do you have a friend who might be interested in a class topic or text because they are in a particular season of life? There’s nothing you can do for a friend that will help him or her more than to introduce him to the Bible.  Let them know some of the things you’ve learned in Bible classes that have helped you.  If they appreciate the wisdom in what you tell them, they may be open to coming to a Bible class themselves.

I look forward to seeing you in our Bible classes on Sunday.