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Stay up to date with all our events by syncing your mobile device to our events calendar! See below for instructions…

Instructions for iCal setup. (For Macs, iPhones & iPads)

Step 1

•With “iCal” open, go to the “Subscribe…” menu. On a mac, it will be under “Calendar” tab. (Not sure with an iPhone.)

Step 2

• A window will open up with a field that will allow you to paste a “Calendar URL:” in it. Copy and paste the link below in that field…

•Now click the “Subscribe” Button.

Step 3

• You should see another window open up.

•Here you can change the name of the Calendar, the color, and *set how often you would like the calender updated.

*This is important, you can have it not update or every 5 minutes, 15 minutes, everyday, every week, every month, etc. I would suggest you have it update about once a week. The Church calendar is always being updated with new events, details, time changes, etc. This will help you keep current with what is going on.

Depending on your data plan, once a week should be fine. If you have an unlimited plan, once a day might be better. I am unsure how much data would be transferred. Theoretically… it should be VERY small… way under a meg.


Instructions for Android mobile devices. (Android smartphones & Tablets)

Step 1

•Navigate to our Events Calendar webpage, (the one you are on now) and look for, and click on the Google Calendar button on the lower right side of the calendar.

Step 2

•You will be prompted to sign into your Google Account.

Step 3

•Once you have signed into your account you will receive another prompt asking you “Do you want to add this calendar?” Click “YES. Add this Calendar”. The calendar will now be populated into your device’s calendar.


*Android Phone users!

Now that the Events Calendar has been successfully added to your Google calendar, make sure that it has been imported into your calendar app on you phone. On your Android phone enter your calendar application. In less than five minutes the events calendar should automatically be populated into your phones calendar.

If it is not then go into the calendar settings and make sure that the Fairview Church of Christ calendar has a check mark beside it.


Having trouble getting this to work?

You can send an email to the church office and we’ll try and get it resolved for you or wait until the next worship service and see Mike Gregory.