Our Leadership

In Scripture God’s plan for church leadership is revealed. God launched the church by giving certain individuals specific gifts “…apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers” (Ephesians 4:11). These believers, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, initiated the Christian movement and brought local churches into existence through their teaching and preaching.

As churches began to be established during the first century, and when more than one person became qualified, elders were appointed based on scriptural qualifications to continue the pastor/teaching ministry in each local church. Elders were given the ultimate responsibility for the oversight of that particular church body, and the shepherding of its members. In addition, our Lord called every believer to servanthood, but specifically called out some from among the congregations to become leaders.

About our Leaders…

Our elders have overall responsibility for oversight and direction of the church. They are to seek, in all matters, the mind of Christ (who is the Head of the Church) through the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. They must be able to teach and exhort the church in sound doctrine and refute those who contradict the truth. Elders are to lead by example and will provide instruction for the maintenance of healthy relationships within the church. They appoint deacons or ministers as is necessary to accomplish the mission of the church. For more information on the men that are serving as elders click here.

Wherever special ministry tasks were needed, since the beginning of the church, servant leaders (deacons) were appointed to carry out those tasks. As in Acts 6, where people of “good reputation, full of wisdom and the Holy Spirit” were appointed to the task of caring for neglected Grecian widows, our servant leaders assume responsibility for numerous ministry tasks and oversee many physical needs our congregation.  For more information on the men that are serving as deacons click here.

Understanding that all believers are equal before God, our ministers do not have special titles, or wear special clothing. Our full time minister is focused on preaching the truth of the gospel, teaching and assisting members in any spiritual needs. In addition to our full time minister we also have a  youth minister who is focused on working with our youth. Helping to guide them on their spiritual journey.  To learn more about our ministers click here.